Domain Name Registration, WordPress 5 pages and blog, 1 Year Hosted on Just Host, Turnkey Website $500

Let’s make your Web Presence a Reality. I now have an Online LAB which you and your staff can “drive a WordPress” for real and before you launch your own website. Learn and feel the dashboard, navigate, add stuff, change templates and so on, drive a WordPress.

  • Let’s Launch your WordPress Website.
  • Let’s connect your website and link to Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
  • Let’s make your website earn some passive income for you and/or your business by placing advertisements on your website from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction.

I want to develop with you, at an affordable cost, the best performing, beautiful website possible and of course it will display on all devices perfectly.

I specialize in template based and turn-key websites. Expert in WordPress.  Shop my Shop .

I am not a re seller, you own your domain name and self-hosted website.

I design and develop websites using WordPress templates, your website, your web presence, your way!

I am not a programmer, no coding involved and this is a plus for you in maintaining your website easily and cost effective.

I have over 30 years of technology Experience in Server, Web, computer hardware and Office APPS (the language that talks to machines is APPS).

I love to share my knowledge and know-how helping WordPress New Beginners the how-to’s. I’ll help you and your staff in navigating dashboards, uploading, website maintenance and more.

I’ll help you understand SEO with tips and tricks that will encourage search engines to come by and index your website.

I’ve never stopped learning, technology changes “overnight” and often, or sharing what I have learned and know.

Setting up a new website for an individual, self-publisher, small business is very exciting for me because I get to share and build something that is going to make “a business” or “sell a book” or whatever the product, company profile,  is I am excited to promote it digitally.

I want to develop with you, at an affordable cost,  the best performing, beautiful website possible and of course it will display on all devices perfectly.

A responsive WordPress Website view-able on all devices basic installation includes:

  • Install and Launch WordPress
  • 5 pages with blog platform
  • Build WordPress
  • Secure WordPress with Plugins
  • SEO WordPress with All In One SEO Plugin
  • FTP Backup WordPress to your host (cPanel)

I’ll help you and your staff understand your website’s inner workings like why WordPress, what is Dashboards, how does SEO work, social media Viral Loop, Security importance of add-ons and blogging for your online business. Plus, use my “lab” website to hone your web-skills.

Pick a Service that is right for you and your business or company profile.

. . . let’s start building. . . get a free quote. . .

Web Tech, WordPress Specialist and Real Person dedicated to your Web Presence, Online Company Profile and Online Marketing. If you are a small business, individual, self-publisher, and/or artist than WordPress is for you . . . and so am I.

Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)
Everything can be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.

Thanks for visiting. Have a good day! If you find something of value in one of my pages or posts; please feel free to share it with your social media friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so.

Social Media Icons in .ico and .png Format – FREE

Free Icons No Purchase or Login Required – Free Web Tools

Lots of style, resolution and size choices (16×16 and 32×32 256 resolution for most uses). I have no affiliation with This is part of my Web Presence Tools “anything free is good!”. I hope you can use them and enjoy them. Should you have any questions about linking or downloading please contact me with your question or comment. Your questions and comments will come to me personally, it will not be public. Val

My Favorites are Social Jeans – look how cute they are – fits right in with my cowboy hat.

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Note:  It is my experience: Free icon websites set up their site, of course to sell you something and this one is no different, but the selection(s) is very nice and easy to download. The drawback is: They may be up, only for a short time because it didn’t generate the business or “sell you something” as expected. So get your icons, save them to your hard drive or USB drive. 

I recommend downloading both .ico and .png to have on hand the .ico, but use the .png most often for your email signature and linking uploads. An icon is worth a thousand words. 

.ico images will not upload to many image editors. WordPress will upload .ico, but my template website and Zemanta will not. .png used to be just as troublesome, but no more problems uploading .png to just about everything. If you have trouble uploading .png’s and .ico’s use your gmail system and send yourself the formated image. Gmail will format the image to a .jpg right there in your email to yourself. Download the .jpg in your gmail-email to your USB or hard drive for future use.

VICS simple online solutionswebsite building and marketing coach

Bill at Rainbow Bridge

One of the very first websites I built (Websites by Valerie). The website is no longer, but the book is. If you have recently lost a pet Bill at Rainbow Bridge will comfort you and help you heal. I believe the Amazon five-star reviews are well over 300 as of this writing (August 2017) and “Bill’s” Facebook Page has over 700 likes.

Author: Dan Carrison (Paperback – 2010) Bill at Rainbow Bridge is available on . . . click here for price and more info . . .

Bill at Rainbow Bridge is a modern family classic, written for all who love animals, and illustrated by the renowned artist Peg DuVal. This heart warming story will fill you with hope–and will make you “cry for happy.” It also makes the perfect gift for the pet-lover in your life.

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Free Web Presence and websites – absolutely FREE

Attention: Start-ups, small business owners, seasoned webmasters, newbies, entrepreneurs, and beginner bloggers!
Free websites your web presence, free email marketing, free templates, free blogs and free social network marketing!

google (2)

Create and share your work online with Google Docs

  • Upload your files from your desktop: It’s easy to get started and it’s free!
  • Access anywhere: Edit and view your docs from any computer or smart phone.
  • Share your work: Real-time collaboration means work gets done more quickly.

Click Here Create Your Google Account – One Account is all you need!

  • Google, the Geeks they are, will keep you on your toes. They change, rearrange, re-code and so on, just to build a better mouse trap. So, start your Google experience with a Gmail account (one account is all you need) and grow from there to Google Docs, Google Images, YouTube, Etc.. The Gmail account is your main account with everything else spinning off from there.
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MailChimp is FREE up to 2,000 email addresses

  • Build and Manage Your Email List
  • Design HTML Email Campaigns
  • Send Emails with Confidence
  • Email Tracking and Analytics

Stay in the FREE for as long as you want or upgrade anytime.

Click Here to get MailChimp FREE

Send out professional emails and get reports for free up to 1,000 email addresses with up to 6,000 sends per month.


PayPal is all you need

Click Here to Go to PayPal

The expense of opening a business account means being at least a DBA (registering your business name) and having it publicized, then going to a bank and opening a business account which usually requires a large minimum deposit and monthly fees are usually NOT free.

Every day, in 190 regions, and in 24 currencies, millions of people (84 million active PayPal accounts and counting) can pay and get paid faster and safer with PayPal. We’d love to have you join our community, too.

linkedin social media network for the truly professional

Social Media – Connects Your Business

LinkedIn Home for sign-up

  • Professional Network Free marketing and leads. One of the 3 major social networks you must join.
twitter is a valuable part of your viral networking

Social Media – Connects Your Business

Twitter Home for sign-up

  • Free Marketing Network find like minded to follow and connect to. One of the 3 social networks you must join.
facebook setup a personal account then your page for business

Social Media – Connects Your Business

Facebook Home for sign-up

  • One of the 3 social media networks you must join. Join Facebook using your personal Facebook account and then create a PAGE for your business.
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Internet Coaching Services will help you

Click Here for more info on training, DIY or get a free quote to have Valerie do it for you.

  • socialize your networks to talk to each other
  • set-up profiles
  • explain what an App, Home, Profile, Button, Badge, Widget, Gadget, Goodies is
  • online personal one-on-one help using email and/or Skype (both are FREE)
  • answer your questions and keeping it simple, productive and cost effective using FREE tools
  • get your web presence launched
  • get your free blogs to pay you using Amazon Associates, Google AdSense and Commission Junction
  • market your business or self-published book
  • sell on Amazon, eBay and Craigslist
  • whatever it is you want for a web presence, I am the computer geek that can and wants to help you

Blogger is a FREE Web Presence

  • Blog and use Paid Ads from Amazon Associates, Commission Junction and Google AdSense
  • Easy Templates and great design selection
  • Socialize Blogger to Facebook Pages
  • Once you have a Gmail account you get Blogspot too.

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icontexto_user_web20_wordpress is a FREE Web Presence

  • #1 blog choice
  • Amazing templates and spam protection
  • Cannot place Paid Ads
  • Socialize WordPress with Windows Live

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