Shopper Online vs Box-Store

02 Jun

all you need to be a Savvy & Successful Shopper
Get all your “information on your stuff” online first (prices, delivery etc.) then hit the retail stores if you just must be instantly gratified . . . but take your online “stuff” with you (it’s all there in your Amazon account, accessible using your WiFi device) to compare and shop smart.

(1.) FIND . Start with valsjewels EASY SHOP to find what you are shopping for first; get product information: brand name, UPC code, style, customer reviews, etc.; then venture out using a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to get more info (save all your finds to your Amazon Wish List, see below on how to get the Universal Wish List Browser Button if you do not have this tool).

Example shows my EASY SHOP and the pop-up you get when you click the “Add to Wish List” button


(2.) BROWSE ORGANIZED . Your own browser be it Firefox, Chrome, IE or other with its’ own toolbar (organize your Bookmark Folders to suit your style and needs).

  • Use your Bookmarks / Favorites feature in Your browser (as you are shopping the Internet your bookmarking can all be done using your Amazon Wish List button too or in lieu of).

(3.) SHARE . Your browser has an add-on for sharing like Share This or Add This. This add-on allows you to share any page on the Internet with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more community choices; bookmark it for yourself; email it; print it.

(4.) SAVE . The Amazon toolbar. Released October 23, 2010 – Amazon at Your Fingertips. COMES WITH “ADD TO WISH LIST” button.

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