04 Dec

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You know when you are at a Retail Box Store; how you gravitate towards and always check out the SALE signs, stacks, bins and racks?

Well, here you go! Before you do any online shopping come to this page first and often throughout your online shopping (bookmark it!!!!). Your mission is to get what you want; from the best online store at the best price. Always remember to take into consideration shipping charges, handling charges, delivery and sales tax before you make your decision to “BUY”.

  • IMPORTANT – Always, before you enter any personal info like credit card; look at the URL address and make sure you see https:// (if no https:// – get out, do not enter personal info, do not buy, do not checkout, close your browser if you have to). https:// means it is a secure site and your information is safe (it is the “s” at the end of http that makes it a secure site).

My Internet Online Deals page is the SALE sign to gravitate to that says 50%-75% off at the very least; top brands and CLEARANCE too. Take a quick look here first – what you want isn’t here on SALE? – okay – hit the search engines or go to my aStore or

  • If you do not have an account – GET ONE – they are free, sign-up is easy, no purchase required; and get their “Add to Wish List” browser button – learn how to use it and use it all the time (you can put any URL into your Amazon Wish List, not just Amazon products). An amazing, time and money saving tool for internet shopping.

Happy Shopping! Valerie

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