Social Media Icons in .ico and .png Format – FREE

Free Icons No Purchase or Login Required – Free Web Tools

Lots of style, resolution and size choices (16×16 and 32×32 256 resolution for most uses). I have no affiliation with This is part of my Web Presence Tools “anything free is good!”. I hope you can use them and enjoy them. Should you have any questions about linking or downloading please contact me with your question or comment. Your questions and comments will come to me personally, it will not be public. Val

My Favorites are Social Jeans – look how cute they are – fits right in with my cowboy hat.

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Note:  It is my experience: Free icon websites set up their site, of course to sell you something and this one is no different, but the selection(s) is very nice and easy to download. The drawback is: They may be up, only for a short time because it didn’t generate the business or “sell you something” as expected. So get your icons, save them to your hard drive or USB drive. 

I recommend downloading both .ico and .png to have on hand the .ico, but use the .png most often for your email signature and linking uploads. An icon is worth a thousand words. 

.ico images will not upload to many image editors. WordPress will upload .ico, but my template website and Zemanta will not. .png used to be just as troublesome, but no more problems uploading .png to just about everything. If you have trouble uploading .png’s and .ico’s use your gmail system and send yourself the formated image. Gmail will format the image to a .jpg right there in your email to yourself. Download the .jpg in your gmail-email to your USB or hard drive for future use.

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