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I’m Valerie of

I’m not one of these hi-pressure internet pitch men, I’m a real person, running my own website business from California.

My background was in the corporate world, having worked with computers since UNIVAC was “THE” mainframe.  I’ve been a keypunch operator, payroll supervisor, full charge Bookkeeper and paralegal.  I became a Windows specialist and by necessity, learned programming language and other key technical stuff.  From then on, I just had to keep training and tweaking until I understood it.

Websites by Valerie and Val’s Internet Coaching Services (VICS)
I love what I do and I do what I love! I became a Windows Server, Webmaster and Office specialist. By necessity, I learned programming language and other key technical stuff. I am not a developer or programmer or FTP or Dreamworks or FrontPage expert. However, with 30 years Applications (APPS – Software, Programs, Server, Office, Web, Dashboard, Intranet and Internet) hands-on-experience under my belt, I know enough to coach, tweak, link, embed, upload and enhance the basics of websites, site building, blogging, socially networking and paid ads. I’m an admitted user-geek who knows a little bit about an awful lot, and unlike many users; I enjoy figuring these things out, or shall I say I am driven to get the answer.

  • Coaching/Consulting you to get your very own website launched, market, understand basic SEO and Social Media importance is what I live for and love to do.

I keep things as simple as possible and share a bunch of cool free web tools.

  • Coach you to DIY (Do It Yourself).
  • Consult/Webmaster DIFY (Do It For You).
  • Coach, Consult, Webmaster, Market Combination Team of DIY and DIFY to successfully achieve your Web Presence (website, blog, social media and SEO) GOALS.

My Strengths:  This industry races by faster than the speed of light. The second you have a full grasp on a technology, something newer, better, and totally different comes along. This is a constant, and it means my coaching education and knowledge must be ever-fluid and expanding. Without the want or willingness to learn new technologies or skills, my coaching or webmastering isn’t going to be much use to my customers.

I do what I love and love what I do. I can and want to help YOU get YOUR website and/or blog up and running using many, many FREE tools.

You need to know the basics and understand terms like Domain, Meta Tags and DNS; know how and where to install “search engine” tracking code (why and do I need it?); know how to set up and use your web hosting, site building, paid ads, self-publish your book and social looping for fun and/or profit.

Every other service out there wanting your business will say “easy-peasy” to make money online or setup your e-commerce site & start selling your stuff – all you have to do is sign in here and get my “product” for a monthly fee or hundreds of dollars – it is not at all easy!

You can decide and make those “online-money-making” decisions after you get a good grip on the basics and this is where I can coach you.

You may not want to make money online or have a product/service to sell; you simply want to blog or just want an Internet presence a.k.a. website: I can help and coach you (DIY) or webmaster it for you (DIFY).

Websites by Valerie,

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